Current Initiatives

  • The last kavadi is allowed to leave Sri Srinivas Perumal Temple (SSPT) at 7.00pm on Thaipusam day.
  • There is a separate lane for women, children and families along Clemenceau Avenue leading to Sri Thendayuthapani Temple.
  • There are resting/ overtaking bays along the procession route.
  • There is a reduction in prices for kavadi participation. All deposits have been removed.
  • Extension of the duration to purchase participation tickets for the various Thaipusam vows. Participation tickets for Paal Kudam, Paal Kavadi, Thottil Kavadi, Ratha Kavadi and Alagu Kavadi) will be on sale from Sunday, 01 January 2017.

Music   – Music will be provided along the Thaipusam procession route.

LIVE Music Points (8.00am to 10.30pm)

  • The three LIVE music points are
    • Hastings Road;
    • Short Street; and
    • Bras Basah Road Field
  • At the LIVE music points, temple musicians will be stationed on a stage to play for kavadi bearers walking the procession.
  • Urumi melam musicians who wish to play at one of the designated LIVE music points can register with Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple (SSPT). Please send your contact details to or call 96944545.
  • A representative from SSPT will contact your urumi group to allocate the timing to play at the LIVE music point. ONLY those urumi groups who register with SSPT will be allowed to play on the stage at the LIVE music point on the Thaipusam day. Urumi melam groups should register early as the slots will fill up fast.
  • Musicians should not walk and play along the procession route.

Transmission Music Points (8.00am to 10.30pm)

  • The twenty three transmission music points playing kavadi sindhu are
    • Outside Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple (SSPT);
    • All Thanner Panthals (11)
    • 412 Serangoon Road;
    • Baboo Lane;
    • Veeramakaliamman Temple;
    • Cuff Road;
    • Selegie Road;
    • Princep Street;
    • Dhoby Ghaut Green
    • 2 Points along Clemenceau Avenue;
    • Outside Sri Thendayuthapani Temple (STT); and
    • Head shaving area, Sri Thendayuthapani Temple (STT);
  • Kavadi bearers are requested to move through the transmission music points and LIVE music points at a steady pace. Any delays will hold up the rest of the procession and inconvenience others.
  • With music provided by the organisers along the procession route, kavadi bearers need not engage and pay for additional music.

Music Inside the Temple

  • Temple musicians will be stationed at Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple (SSPT) to play for the kavadi bearers as they prepare their kavadis. Kavadi bearers may approach the SSPT office to request for this free service (subject to availability).
  • Urumi melam groups wishing to offer their service to kavadi bearers can register with SSPT. Kavadi bearers who want urumi melam music at SSPT, may approach the registered urumi melam groups stationed within SSPT (based on availability). Kavadi bearers may engage any of the registered urumi melam groups at a fee to play for them within the temple.
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